IR Instrument Rating

Instrument flight on single or multi-engine aircraft

IR Single Engine & Multi Engine

The IR rating is not only an additional safety benefit in everyday flying life but also the prerequisite for many other training courses.

The Instrument Rating (IR) is an additional rating to the license (PPL or CPL) and entitles the holder to fly an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The privileges of an IR rating holder include flying aircraft under IFR with a minimum decision altitude of 200 feet (60 m).

The instrument rating thus gives you more options for safely conducting a flight even in less than optimal weather conditions.

It means a significant safety gain - but only if you are well trained. In fact, we believe that pilots who wish to obtain an instrument rating should have particularly high standards for such training.

We offer you the opportunity to acquire an instrument rating on single and/or multi-engine aircraft.

Our recommendation for a professional IR training:
1. IR Single Engine Rating
2. MEP VFR Rating
3. Upgrade IR Multi Engine Rating

Have a look at our offers or contact us directly for a full and professional IR training package.

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