Revalidations and Renewals

Revalidations & Renewals

Revalidation of your rating

Basically, the following applies: The license itself has no expiry date. But each individual rating has one. Therefore, the ratings have to be revalidated regularly. A revalidation is possible 3 months before expiration. If a rating has expired - even if it is only one day - it must be renewed.

For revalidation of SEP class rating or TMG class rating the applicant must:

  • Either complete 12 hours of flight time in the applicable class within 12 months prior to the expiration of the rating, including:
    • 6h as pilot in command
    • 12 takeoffs and 12 landings
    • Refresher training of at least 1 hour total flight time with a Flight Instructor (FI) or Class Rating Instructor (CRI). Applicants are exempt from this refresher training if they have passed a class or type rating proficiency check, skill check, or proficiency evaluation in another class or type of aircraft
  • or pass a proficiency examination in the applicable class with an examiner (Examiner) within the 3 months prior to the expiration of the rating. No minimum hours are required in this regard.

If the applicant holds both a single engine piston aircraft land class (SEP Land) and a TMG rating, he/she may meet the above requirements in either class or a combination thereof and obtain a revalidation of both ratings.

For the revalidation of multi-engine class and type ratings, the applicant must:

  • Within the 3 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, pass a proficiency check in the applicable class or type of aircraft or an FSTD representing that class or type; and
  • During the period of validity of the rating:
    • 10 route segments as a pilot of the class or aircraft type; or
    • 1 route segment as a pilot of that class or type of aircraft or FFS flown with an examiner. This route segment may be flown during a Proficiency Check.
  • A pilot working for a commercial air transport operator approved under applicable aviation requirements who has passed the Proficiency Check in conjunction with the proficiency check for revalidation of the class or type rating is exempt from meeting the requirement in subparagraph 2 above.
  • The revalidation of an instrument rating (EIR) or IR(A), each valid for 1 year, may be combined with a proficiency check for revalidation of a class or type.

The IR Rating (Instrument Rating) is valid for 1 year. IR is an additional authorization to a class or type rating. The revalidation of an instrument rating (EIR) or IR(A), can be combined with a proficiency check for the revalidation of a class or type.

Renewal of your rating

If your class or type rating has expired, you must complete a refresher training at an ATO (flight school).

The objective of the refresher training is to (re)attain the level required for safe operation of the type or class of aircraft. The scope of the required refresher training is determined by the ATO on its own responsibility.

The following factors shall be taken into account by the ATO:

  • The experience of the applicant. To determine this, the ATO shall conduct a review flight (performance review).
  • the complexity of the aircraft
  • the time that has elapsed since the expiration of the rating validity period.

Once we as ATO have identified your specific needs, we will develop a customized training program for you based on the initial training and focusing on the aspects where we identified deficiencies during the performance assessment.

Upon successful completion of the refresher training, we will confirm this and provide you with a training certificate of successful completion. This must be submitted to the appropriate authority when applying for a renewal and includes a description of the training program. Then only one test flight with an examiner has to be performed and you can apply for renewal afterwards.

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