DV20 E Katana

The most modern Katana - with glass cockpit

Diamond DV20 E - the most modern Katana

The DV20 E Katana is the proof from traditional aviation that says "what looks good, flies good". It is a sleek small aircraft produced from fiber composites.

Intended as a training aircraft, it was able to establish itself as a basic training aircraft thanks to its good-natured and precise flight characteristics. In addition, it is now used by private pilots who enjoy its fabulous flight characteristics and the extremely fair charter price.

Our DV20 E is a further development of this concept. This specially designed training aircraft from Diamond Aircraft Industries has set new standards with its Rotax 912 isc and modern Garmin 500 glass cockpit. This state-of-the-art aircraft type was developed by us together with Diamond and is currently only used by us.

Comfortable & safe

The athletic cockpit is one of the most comfortable and intuitive in its class thanks to ergonomically designed seats available with sheepskin seating surfaces and with 4-point inertia reel seat belts and a professional instrument panel with high-quality trim and materials throughout.

Experience airline feeling through the Garmin 500 EFIS cockpit!

Affordable Night VFR training

EASA certified for Night VFR!

Fly at night and enjoy the skyline! The DV20 E is EASA certified for Night VFR (Night Visual Flight Rules). Whether you are a pilot holding a Night VFR license or looking to acquire one, keep an eye out for this aircraft. The DV20 E is the ideal and affordable training aircraft from the first flight to night VFR.

Technical specifications

Diamond DV20 E with Rotax 912 iSc3 Sport engine with 100 hp

Max. cruise speed 122 kt TAS
Range at 55% in 8.000 ft. 703 NM
Fuel Consumption at 55 % (8,000 ft) 11,1l/h
Max. operating altitude 13.100 ft
Seats 2
Useful load 275 kg
Max. take off mass 800 kg

I love flying the Katana! It is a sleek and very easy to fly training aircraft. Being certified for Night VFR, this is a very cost effective way to get your NIT rating.

FI Aviation Flight Center Alexander Freyler

FI Aviation Flight Center

I did my PPL on the DV20 E Katana. A great aircraft that is very easy to fly and with the glass cockpit super suitable to be prepared for further training.

PPL holder Yash Laddha

PPL holder